Minutes: March 27th, 2002

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter
Steering Committee Meeting

Summary by Herc Silverstein
Comments/Corrections: herc@schrodinger.com


Rockport, Downtown Portland
Time: Mar 27, 2002


  • Erin Gault
  • Karen Habblitz
  • Andy Larkin
  • Mark Noland
  • Nance Patternoster
  • Marlynn Schottland
  • Herc Silverstein
  • Michael Smith
  • Cliff Mitts
  • Jamie Elmer


  • Connie Winn
  • Susan Stutz
  • Scott Roberts


  • charter
  • board
  • web site
  • April meeting
  • May meeting
  • Future Meetings
  • Other businessCharter:
    • ACM is reviewing our current charter
    • Petition was required. Said they wanted 12-16 signatures.
    • We had 20-25
    • Charter will be returned with corrections/suggestions


    • will include 8 members at large
    • in the future it would be nice to get members from some
      larger/more well known companies

    Web site

    • Cliff summarized work that he has done and some future plans
      want to convert to php and mySQL. This is work that
      Scott would most likely assist with.
    • Would like to use something other than email for some of
      the discussions. One possibility is provide access on the
      web site to one or more discussion groups

    Apr Meeting

    • Pro Photo will present. Topic: Output for print.
    • Room 207 at the Art Institute, 2000 SW Fifth Avenue, Portland
    • http://www.aipd.artinstitutes.edu/directions.asp
    • Date: Tues, Apr 2

    May Meeting

    • Vinton Studios
    • Will Vinton to present.
    • 2 Other presenters from Vinton as well
    • Part of presentation will be on this year’s
      siggraph animation
    • Location: OGI (Oregon Graduate Institute – west side)
        Wilson Clark Center Dining Room
        20000 NW Walker Road, Beaverton
    • Time: Tentatively:
    • 6:30 gather for pizza
    • 7 lecture starts
    • 9 wrap up
    • Will be registration on the website.
    • Pizza
    • OGI does NOT provide this
    • We need to find a sponsor for pizza!
    • Probably can expect around 250 people
    • cost? unclear. Michael to find out from OGI
    • what typical cost would be from Jim Francis.

    Future General Meetings

    • Would like to use the web site for such discussions to minimize the emails
    • Andy to coordinate setting up future general meetings.
      Doesn’t mean he’ll actually do the “grunt” work. More typically
      others will be lining up speakers and/or locations. Does mean he’ll
      be responsible for making sure that things are being done.
    • Can try to get people who will be presenting at other
      meetings like the national siggraph or NAB to present
      at our local siggraph meeting first (or after the national
      meetings). Cliff and Mark are going to NAB.
    • Brainstorming session
      • Issues
        • level of presentation vs. audience
          • We need to notify public what the level of each
            presentation is ahead of time. Some presentations
            may be very technical, others general. Don’t want
            people who would be interested in a general presentation
            being bored by a very in-depth technical presentation,
            and vice versa.

    Possible future general meetings

    • Entropy renderer (open standard)
    • Discreet
    • Alias
    • Apple
    • Adobe
    • Flying Rhino (Flash for educational titles)
    • Forensic Computing (Rob Steitz (sp?))
    • Project-based. Have a number of people tell about
      what they did on a single project. This would
      be interesting since you’d get all the different
    • Pinnacle (Seattle)
    • Digital filme
    • Broadcast media
    • Different compositors (so you get the different views)
    • Colorworks (sp?). Make still/animated lenticulars
    • Industrial design
    • Engineering
    • Architecture
    • 3D Digitizer
    • Stereo Lithography
    • HP Color 3D printing of objects
    • Visualization (various types like medical, financial, etc.)
    • Motion capture (2d, 3d)Other ideas
    • make web site list these ideas
    • break them into categories
    • have general members vote on items
    • Then take most popular ones and see if we can line up speakersPossible locations
    • Vinton
    • Flying Rhino ($50?)
    • Weiden/Kennedy (James)
    • James’ shop (can hold about 25)


    • Marlynn raised a point for Connie who felt that
      we (the committee) should consider having a “retreat”.
      She felt this would allow a large chunk of concentrated time
      and make it easier to work out any issues.
    • Herc raised the idea of tours every month or two. Would consist
      of an optional dinner followed by a tour of some “facility”.
      The facility could be anything from a factory where
      some graphics-related products are produced, to a
      broadcast companies production facility, etc. This
      would be a great way to meet other members, see and learn about
      some (hopefully) interesting places/work, and would be
      a “service” our local siggraph would be providing.
    • domain name. Mike suggested cascadesiggraph.org. Someone
      thought that as part of getting a local organization going
      the National siggraph can give us cascade.siggraph.org.
      Michael to investigate.
    • Want to try to schedule things out to at least OctoberThe idea would be that people could sign up for an optional dinner


    Time: TUESDAY APR 30, Noon
    Location: Old Town Pizza, 226 NW Davis

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