Minutes: May 2nd, 2002

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Cascade SIGGRAPH Board Meeting Minutes
May 2, 2002

For the May 7 meeting, we will be putting out survey forms on the chairs. The form will be used to collect information on what the people are interested in for future meetings. We will get together again after the May 7 meeting to discuss the survey results.

People will probably start asking about how to become members. In order to deal with this question, Marlynn has come up with a form that gives some general information about Cascade SIGGRAPH and let’s people request membership information from us. That paper will also be placed on people’s chairs at the May 7 meeting.

We need a membership chair to deal with the paperwork that will be generated by people becoming members. A membership packet needs to be created. Perhaps the secretary (Herc) would be interested in doing this work, otherwise let’s recruit someone.

Some time was spent discussing the membership fees for regular meetings. A fee of $3 was thought fair, but the issue of when to charge the fee was not decided.

We will immediately start accepting money for “Cascade SIGGRAPH” and deposit the money once we have the checking account setup.

No speakers were suggested for June.

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