Minutes: May 29th, 2002

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Minutes of the Cascade SIGGRAPH Chapter Board Meeting



Michael Smith, Connie Winn, Erin Gault, Karen Habblitz, and Andy Larkin

Summary by Andy Larkin

The following items were covered at the meeting:

1) Members at Large

Michael raised the issue of Members at Large, and the fact that some of

the chapter members had failed to attend many if any meetings. Connie felt that

there should be an explicit policy on attendance that applies to Members at Large,

specifically that any such member missing three consecutive meetings should be

replaced by the Board, with allowances made for emergency situations.

The bylaws currently have provisions governing how new Members at

Large can be nominated and admitted to Board membership. Michael felt that

over the next several meetings we should be gathering names of potential new

names of committed Members at Large, and that these should preferably be

people from outside the Art Institute, as they are over-represented on the Board


There were several suggestions for improvement of attendance, including

e-mail RSVP’s, educating fellow members on the necessity of a voting quorum to

conduct business, and regularity of meeting times. On this last point, it was

agreed that the last Wednesday of every month at 11:45 will be the regular

meeting date.

The issue of attendance will be addressed again at the next meeting; in the

meantime Michael volunteered to proactively contact all current members to

make sure that a quorum is in place for the next meeting.

2) Dinners and Meetings

The possibility of having a dinner or dessert meeting before or after the

monthly presentations was discussed as a way of bringing out the membership

and encouraging informal networking, along the lines if SIG CHI dinners that

Michael has attended. Such a meeting might be scheduled for after the June event

at Hash.

3) Review of Scheduled Events

The next four months of the chapter’s tentative schedule of presentations

were reviewed and discussed.

Connie expressed some concerns over the possible redundancy of having

’02 SIGGRAPH presenters speak in July, as several of them have already spoken

at chapter meetings.

Some discussion was had about the availability of SIGGRAPH electronic

theater tapes for an August screening at the Hollywood theater. Michael

volunteered to explore an Intel connection. Marlynn might be able to get some

when she attends.

September’s talk involving Adobe, will be organized by Nance and Andy.

No work has been done on the digital film presentation proposed for

October. Andy and Connie are currently scheduled to organize this.

Downstream, Apple or Avid had been proposed as possible participants.

4) Membership Subcommittee and Packet

Erin volunteered to email the Membership subcommittee (Karen H. and

Connie) to coordinate a meeting time. This group will prepare a membership

packet to be ready by the next Board meeting. Also resolved will be charge for

the membership, the creation of a brochure/description of membership, and a

process for handing the stuff out at meetings.

5) Dues

Although amounts were decided at a previous meeting, when to start

charging dues is still a hanging issue. Erin is waiting for her tax ID number for

the treasury account. This issue was tabled for now, as a voting quorum was not

present at today’s meeting.

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