Minutes: September 19th, 2002

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Steering Committee Meeting

Summary by Herc Silverstein

Comments/Corrections: herc@schrodinger.com

Location: Doubletree, Downtown Portland

Time: Sep 19, 2002



Karen Habblitz

Andy Larkin

Herc Silverstein

Michael Smith

Connie Winn


Jamie Elmer

Mark Noland

Nance Patternoster

Scott Roberts

Notes: The following are no longer on the board (other time commitments

prevent it)

Susan Stutz

Erin Gault

Marlynn Schottland


Membership packets

– no progress on that

– Karen will get any information that Erin assembled. Also, will

get any work that has been done on the packets. She will pass that

on to Herc

– Herc volunteered to work on getting a membership form and/or packet

put together once she gets above information

Future General Meetings

– Andy to continue to coordinate these

– October/November: electronic theater

– timeframe: late october to mid november

– format: DVD (so must have a DVD projector)

– We had hoped Richard Beer would help out by offering the local

chapter a discount at the Hollywod, but this hasn’t happened.

– As such we are going to look at other venues

– ohsu auditorium


– Andy to look into this and to get back to us by Friday Sep 27

– adobe

– Nance had been interacting with them

– we shouldn’t wait on this event

– January is a possibility

– December

– social gathering

– mixer

– try to see if there is a bar or restaurant that would give us

a discount for local members. And then try to sign people up for

membership at the door (using the attraction of the discount). That is,

use this as a membership drive.

– send suggestions to Connie on suitable places by Fri Sep 27

– February

– possibly Oregon3D

– Tours

– the idea of finding organizations that would give members

a tour of their facility, process and/or work was raised.

Seems like this would be both fun and interesting for members.

Some possiblities are:

– Nike

– Intel

– Other

– Susan Stutz interested in doing a lecture on the work she has been doing

– Not clear what this is. Michael to get a clearer picture of what this is.


– flyer/poster

– need a flyer for either a volunteer or an intern

– Michael to put together content

– Michael agreed to do so by Oct 9

– internship

– if it is an internship, Karen can help out

– person would have to report to someone on the board


– Connie raised the point that we need to have a business strategy

– It needs to help move the Cascade Siggraph Chapter forward

– We plan to have a strategic planning meetings on Oct 8 at 6 PM. Location

is at 1122 NW Davis across from Powells. Those wishing to come

should rsvp to Connie (winnc@aii.edu).

– Part of our strategy has to be recruitment. Connie put together

a great handout with tips and ideas on how to do this. Some of the ideas

are to find people who are experts, are the best, are up to the challenge

clearly understand the time commitment, and know it is a 10 month

commitment. Also, the board needs to be proactive set aside time

every week to make some calls to find people who can help grow our


– SWOT: Strengths, W?, Opportunity, Threat

Board Positions

– PR Officer and Treasurer positions have been vacated

– We thank Marlynn and Erin for their contributions

– Now we have to fill these positions

– new officers will be voted on by current board

– duration is for 10 months until next general elections next summer

– new members will have to run for office in 10 months (if they wish

to try to continue on the board)


Oct 10 Thu 1pm

Nov 7 Thu 1pm

Dec 12 Thu 1pm

Board members are expected to attend

Location: TBD

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