Minutes: October 10th, 2002

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Cascade SIGGRAPH Board Meeting

Minutes, October 10, 2002

In Attendance: Michael Smith, Connie Winn, Karen Habblitz, Andy Larkin

Membership Packets:

The group reviewed a number of membership forms from various regional

SIGGRAPH chapters. The group then agreed to offer 3 types of membership:

General Membership (25.00), Student Membership (18.00 with no age limitations),

and Membership for current ACM/SIGGRAPH members (15.00) Corporate memberships

will be offered when the membership is larger.

Checks and cash will be accepted but not VISA.

Dues will apply from the 1st day of the month following payment, will

be prorated from the time of payment and will be renewed annually for all

members on a given date. Cards will be issued with membership dates. A

database will be maintained.

The group agreed to maintain the description of Membership benefits

from the NYC ACM/SIGGRAPH form. Andy will recruit Nicole Berg to assist

in arranging discounts for local businesses.

The group agreed to offer a member listing on our website, with

email/website text hyperlink, as on the San Antonio chapter site.

A treasurer is needed long term, and should be a focus of board

recruitment efforts.

Events and General Meetings:

Nov. 5 Meeting.

Michael will supervise the equipment for the show, and will troubleshoot

potential problems by Oct. 27.

Faculty should be contacted at AI to publicize the event. Karen will

contact Marlynn Schotland about a mass emailing to the membership.

Herc will register new members at the meeting.

There won?t be refreshments.

Karen and Connie have researched venues for a possible December mixer.

Andy will forward some suggestions to Karen.

The Adobe presentation is currently stalled. Susan Stutz has

proposed several possible speakers. The group has agreed to keep

exploring potential leads and plan for March as a potential time slot.

Michael described a possible presentation by Intel on virtual

workspaces at OGI for the January time slot.

Recruitment for the Board:

There are currently spaces on the board for 2 officers (a treasurer

and a PR officer) and 4 members at large. Alex Inman of Will Vinton has

been recruited by Connie. Other possible board members include Sue Aschim

(Karen), Zack Hoffman (Connie), a person from ASIFA, Chad Hoynacki (a

student from AI), and a digital artist from the fine arts community.

The group agreed that a push from the current board to actively recruit

new board members is essential for the long term survival of the chapter

Andy has agreed to contact Jamie Elmer to recruit him to come back

to the board.

A detailed description of a strategic planning meeting for Cascade

SIGGRAPH, prepared by Connie, Karen and Herc was presented by Connie.

Meeting times are Fri. Oct.25 11:30-1 at AI, and Tue. Oct. 29 at 5:30-8.

On the agenda will be a discussion of mission, purpose and values, analysis

of the internal and external environment, and strategic goal setting with

action plans and time-lines.

Minutes prepared by Andy Larkin


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