Minutes: June 26, 2003

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Steering Committee Meeting
Summary by Herc Silverstein
Comments/Corrections: herc@schrodinger.com
Location: Art Institute
Time: Jun 26, 2003
Herc Silverstein
Michael Smith
Adam Lake
Connie Winn
Andrew Dennis
Mark Orme
Nance Patternoster
– Introductions
We each introduced ourselves
– Future Events
– Aug 4: Anark Studio (4th Generation Media)
They make a 3D browser
They are from Colorado
They are still working on details
Michael to follow up
– Sep 2: etheater
– discussion about whether to try to do it at the Hollywood Theater,
use PCC again, Cinema 21, Laurelhurst, one of the McMenamins, etc.
– Mark will talk to potential locations
– Need to do a better job of PR-ing this event
– Try to establish relationship and indicate it’ll be yearly event
to make it more attractive to them.
– We can charge what we charge for meetings
– supporting member (we’ll put them on our website)
– Oct
Possibly Sony
– Other possibilities
– Adobe. Seems to be in the works forever, but never have
firmed up anything solid.
– Mike Wellins (sp?), probably commercial related
– Liquid (local company)
– gentoo
– animation weekend where people create their own pieces
– siggraph traveling art show (need to make commitment 2 years in
advance and $2000)
– Forming Programming Sub-Comittee
Mark as vice chair to get this going
– Treasurer Report
We are being charged for our checking! Andrew to get that fixed and
get a refund.
Andrew to provide treasurer report by next meeting, possibly
next week.
– SIGGRAPH San Diego
– Mark to attend chapter workshops and get etheater DVD
– get tshirts so we can give them out during cascade chapter meetings
– if anyone knows of someone who wants a roommate, contact Michael
– When to hold future meetings
We’ll plan these later when we know about Anark
– Other Stuff
– Heidi does electronic, mags, newspapers
– Still need to find someone who can be a PR person for
– board email list: we’ll use the national siggraph ones when they
are fixed and back online
– Michael to add Herc to pcleaders email list
– Volunteers
– We need to get a volunteer coordinator.
– need to enlist volunteers to help grow the membership
– June Election Results
Chair: Michael
Vice Chair: Mark
Treasurer: Andrew
Secretary: Herc
Members-at-large: Adam, Connie
Time: 5PM
Location: Art Institute
Date: Tue Jul 15

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