Minutes: August 4th, 2005

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August, 4, 2005
Cascade ACM Siggraph Programming Committee Meeting
at ITT Technical Institute, 6035 NE 78th Ct., Portland OR
In attendance:
Demetra Gilmore Arnett, vice chair (DGA)
Michael Smith, last year’s chair (MS)
Christina Hale, committee member (CH)
Melissa Kawamura, instructor (MK)
Alaric Karzag, student  (AK)
Kyle Welch, student (KW)
Tanner Ohman, student (TO)
Michael Quint, student (MQ)
In absentia:
Janice Bradford, committee volunteer (JB)
Keerti Ravi, committee interest (KR)
Shirleen Lou, committee interest (SL)
Also copied, board members:
Jeff Borg, chair (JB)
Fran Zandonella, secretary (FZ)
Andrew Dennis (AD)
Herc Schrodinger (past board member) (HS)
Please send feedback to demetra33@gmail.com:
Did I miss anyone?
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Siggraph information/membership
Programming Committee role
Event brainstorming
Action Items
1.      Siggraph information/membership
Membership forms were given to candidates and MS explained what Siggraph is, the benefits and organizational structure. Membership in parent or sibling groups does not imply membership in this. ACM à Siggraph and à Sigchi; Siggraph à Cascade ACM Siggraph.
2.      Programming Committee role
MS explained the vice chair heads the programming committee which is in charge of events. The other board members have other responsibilities. The PR group “Liason” will handle publicity and needs at least four weeks lead time. We will have between four and seven events this year (~8/2005 – 7/2006).
3.      Event brainstorming
Items bolded are ones we agreed were most interesting and would like to accomplish. Initials after events indicate that person has taken it as an action item – to contact people and set up as much as possible then report back to DGA. Here is the list we generated:
·        Electronic Theater (DGA and CH); before Thanksgiving. Need theater. Ideas: school auditoriums, McMennamins Fairview, PCC, CCC, movie theaters; Multnomah Arts Center, Parkrose High school; Check possibility of showing uncut version, dependent on producers attending; Get information from Herc, San Francisco chapter.
·        Siggraph Conference Speakers (JB or FZ?) available for repeat performance in Portland? Pre-existing presentations!
·        Bring Your Own Art — BYOA (MS) at Art Institute?
·        Foley Artist Speaker “Using Sound with Computer Graphics” (CH)
·        Speakers from Companies:
·        Pixar, ILM, Discreet, Adobe/Macromedia (CH in San Francisco in Oct — will contact in person)
·        Alias, Discreet/Autodesk in Wilsonville (MS)
·        CMD, Garage Games, Animation Master (AK)
·        Square Pictures (KW)
·        Producers at event (TO in Bozeman in Oct. — will contact in person)
·        EA
·        Will Vinton / Lika (sp?) (unclaimed)
·        Social Gathering (unclaimed)
·        “Game and a Day” (AK) teams create a game in a day, sponsored by software companies à competition with a prize
·        Information Architecture Speakers (DGA) with respect to web design
·        Advanced Photoshop Techniques (LB?) for use in web design
·        Game Programming (Microsoft,  (AK)
·        Open House at a Company (unclaimed) see experts at work
·        Tips and Tricks (unclaimed) of experts on:
·        Rotoscoping
·        NURBS
·        Lighting
·        Normal mapping
Possible places to hold events:
·        Art Institute
·        ITT
·        Hack  (Animation Master?)
4.      Action Items
·        Generate description of events with speakers, etc.
·        Report back to vice chair
·        Schedule events on master schedule (DGA)
·        Contact Liason, A&E, etc.
·        Post schedule on web site.

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