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Cascade SIGGRAPH Programming Meeting
August 30, 2006
Minutes by Fran Zandonella
Please send all corrections to Fran Z.
Tektronix in Hillsboro
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30 pm
Demetra Gilmore Arnett, Fran Zandonella, Jenny Orr (Willamette U.), Brian Larson (ASIFA),
Greg Walters (PCC), Patrick Coan, Kristen Pedersen, Chris Hale, Will Palumbo, Ann Marcus,
Michael Smith, Leo Frishberg (CHI FOO), David Stubbs (CHI FOO)
Proposed Program of Events
September 21, 2006
Electronic Theatre, Uncut
Producer: Jeff
Location: PCC
October TBD, 2006
A. Autodesk presentation (Maya / 3DS Product Launch)
B. History of CG
Producer: Chris
November TBD, 2006
IXDA /         CHIFOO / SIGGRAPH / ASIFA – Social
Producer: Will
December TBD, 2006
No meeting due to holidays.
January TBD, 2007
CG Social w/Showing the Space-Time Animation Competition (38 minutes)
Game Studio
Producer: Kristen
February 27, 2007
Sony Pictures Imageworks presents
Producer: Patrick
March 1 (First Thursday) or 29 (Last Thursday), 2007
Producer: Michael
Location: Disjecta possible venue for First Thursday
April TBD, 2007
How to Get a Job in CG
Producer: Fran Z
Location: PCC (to be confirmed)
May TBD, 2007
Visual Communication
Producer: Greg
co-meeting with Chi Foo
June TBD, 2007
Gaming meeting
Producer: Pat & Kristen
in conjunction with NW Games Conference?
June 25-30, 2007
Platform Festival
Producer: Brian Larson
August 5-9, 2007
Location: San Diego, CA
October TBD, 2007
Travelling Art Show
Producer: Ann M. & Genny Orr
Brain Storming Ideas
Future of CG
MS – gaming (Ann)
Hardware future
iris – laser
UofW HIT Lab
Holographic Art
minding / selling
Leadership panel – collaboration
business process, startup
Visual Communications for Presentations / Techniques
Greg Walters
MP Gaming – Socialization
Ken Perlin, Jeff Han – Researchers / speakers
Technical Graphics
Process, theory
workshops, hands on
NW Games – June
Sony Bend (Kristen)
Game Coagulate 06
IGDA (speaker Susan Gold)
not during March (GDC) or April (E3)
Medical Imaging
Feb brain mo
Google Earth / Sketch Up
Sports Medicine
Nike Lab?
Sports Physicists
(tablet makers)
Ron Matoyer
Procedural spontaneous or sudden physics models
Feb meeting – animation meeting with ASIFA
to promote Platform Festival
John Knoll
ILM Visual FX Producer for Pirates of the Carribean II
Traveling Art Show
Need to coordinate with LA, Vancouver, & Museums
Ann Marcus
Ed Catmull – President of Pixar, CG Pioneer
John Lassetter – Vice President of Pixar
Larry Gritz – NVIDIA
Sandy Scoredos
Sony Pictures Imageworks – animated movie Open Season
William Gibson
Bruce Stirling
3D Rapid Prototyping
Information Visualization
data mining
Digimarc Watermarks
on DLs
underwater vision, night vision, remote vehicle
ACM-sponsored speaker
Speaker’s Bureau
Good Ideas (Process-wise)
Have a Speaker Contract,
that includes a speaker replacement responsibility
Have plans “A B C” in case first plan “A” falls through

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