Minutes: July 29th, 2009

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Board Meeting 07-29-09

Attending: Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Kathleen O`Reilly (KTO) Jerrol Eshleman,(JE) Bev Standish (BS) Serena Reidy (SR)


  • Picnic
  • Upcoming Events
  • Dates for next meetings
  • Report from the Treasurer
  • Report from the Secretary

The goal is to automate everything including, renewals, memberships and the use of Paypal


  • Finding a picnic place. Do we want to pay $150.00-$200.00 for a places such as Arbor Park or take a chance on going to a park that doesn’t charge fees. SR suggested Overlook Park as a possibility. We all agreed that acquiring the side room of the Lucky Lab for our social event would be more cost effective.
  • We decided that the Computer Animation Festival (What used to be called the Electronic Theater from SIGGRAPH would be 1 day event to be held at PCC.
  • We will work on forming partnerships with other organizations to produce events.
  • Treasurers Report is that we need to revise the minutes to say that Everyone on the board needs to go in and become a signer.
  • Secretary’s report is that BS needs help with membership renewal


  • Partnering with other associations such as ASIFA and CHIFOO to help produce events
  • KTO states that we don’t want to focus on just animation
  • We will contact Kari Gilbert of CHIFOO to make a social even out of “This is what happened at SIGGRAPH video”
  • We decided that the Recap of SIGGRAPH would be the social event at the Lucky Lab and that it would take place in September
  • The Computer animation Festival from SIGGRAPH would take place in October
  • We discussed how many students would be allowed into PCC events for free and under what circumstances we would offer free seating.
  • We would discuss career day with Greg and see if we could represent our SIGGRAPH Chapter to promote what we have to offer.
  • Discussion of the Treasurers report.
  • JE needs the minutes from 07/03/09.
  • We discussed that we wished to avoid the single point of failure by having all the board be signers on the current bank account.
  • We established the general policy that Jerrol must be notified of any withdrawals of more than $100.00 unless the bank account drops below $500.00 at which time he must be notified of everything.
  • Discussion of the Secretary’s report
  • BE will get some help and support from DA, SR and KTO in bringing renewals and online memberships up to date


  • Demetra Gilmore Arnett motioned that we request from Greg Walters parking passes one week ahead of time for the board and speakers at PCC events. Bev Standish seconds the motion and no one was opposed.     *
  • Demetra Gilmore Arnett motioned that 10 free seats be offered to Greg Walters for each event held at PCC in order to thank him for his accommodations.  Also 3 additional students may volunteer to help at he event in order to get into the event for free.
  • Bev Standish seconds the motion and no one was opposed.
  • Kathleen O`Reilly makes a motion to have the current board become signers on the current Chase Bank Account. Demetra Gilmore Arnett seconds and none are opposed.


  1. KTO and BS will meet Monday August 3rd from 2:00pm to 4:00pm to work on updating memberships online.
  2. Plan to Close out old bank account and make new checking account
  3. DA, BS and SR will meet August 12th from 3:00 to 5:00pm to continue working on membership renewals
  4. KTO will contact Mike Smith to see about partnering to produce events and to help define what “co-producing” means
  5. JE will check with Greg at PCC to see if the auditorium is available for the 2 hour
  6. August 21st event featuring the writer director of “Presto,” starting at 6:00 or 7:00pm

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