Minutes: May 25th, 2010

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Board Meeting 5-25-2010

Attending: Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Kathleen O`Reilly (KTO) Jerrol Eshleman,(JE) Bev Standish (BS)


  • National SIGGRAPH Conference
  • Credit Cards
  • What goes on website
  • Social Event
  • Financial Report
  • Finalize the year and website
  • Spreadsheet for annual report
  • Posting minutes
  • Elections
  • Programming meeting


  • Financial Report: Credit cards, Did we get them?
  • New member and check has been deposited
  • How to engage the membership in great participation
  • There will be programming meetings to set up a new website
  • Next board meeting June 10th at 7:00pm


  • We will have a social event on May 20th
  • JE and DGA will be responsible for making the new website
  • Discussion of what needs to go in it such as images.
  • JE and DGA will meet June 8th at the computer lab and 10:00 am at ITT to design new website
  • Where will we find new Vice Chair for SIGGRAPH? Active members and board members at large and other sources discussed.
  • Next event is social to coordinate with other people going to the National SIGGRAPH Conference
  • JE suggests a membership drive that involves a raffle for a highly desirable piece of technology such as an IPAD at our next event.


  • JE will contact Umpqua to find out if board members have been sent their credit cards
  • BS will have minutes to DGA by June 30th
  • DGA will set dates for election


  • DGA moves that we purchase the CFA DVD.
  • JE seconds as long as it’s less that $75.00

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