Minutes: January, 26th 2011

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  • Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Bev Standish (BS), Serena Reidy (SR), Patrick Coan (PC)


  • Jerrol Eschleman (JE) Derek Osborne (DO) Members at large


  • address membership deficit, WordPress integration, Upcoming events, possible event leads


Event Leads

  • (DGA) The Making of Tron Legacy: Visual Design- the idea is to get some folks from Disney up in the area to talk about how the movie was designed, and how the original film’s art style was adapted to further the concepet
  • (DGA) Beth Sumida (Tangled) or Stuart Sumida: Demetra has talked with Stuart recently about the idea of getting him or his wife, Beth, in town to talk about their recent work. The current interest is towards promoting Beth’s recent work on Tangled, and with the President Obama animatronic.
  • Contact Vance/Thomas for an event next Thursday at 2nd Story with the Flash User’s Group- this will need to happen asap to  get positive results.
  • (PC) BYOA (Bring Your Own Art) is coming in April. We are considering a venue in the Pearl District. Past locations have included the Art Institute and PNCA (preferred)
  • (DGA) The NWGC (North West Gaming Conference) Is approaching in June. We need to contact those involved and learn about what we can do to help promote  and collaborate with the event.
  • (DGA) Autodesk Event at the Forestry Center: This may be a good candidate for our spring (Feb-March) event. We will need to jump on this to get it going.


  • Hollywood theater is an option, but should be reserved for an event which will draw an appropriate crowd of new members.
  • White Stag Building U of O
  • Living Room Theater: Smaller venue may be good for a showing of some produced content.


  • (DGA) is holding the migrating due to a the mailing list switch, after the mailing list switch occurs, the site should be close to ready to go
  • (PC) needs admin access to fix styling issues and homepage routing
  • (PC) Refuge


  • Demetra nominated Patick as Secretary, votes unanimous

Promotion and Event Identity

  • We need a banner/sign
  • New Business Cards
  • Pamphlet

Action Items

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