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Upcoming Elections

Article by Demetra Gilmore Arnett

All members are welcome to run for office in our upcoming elections. Specifically, the treasurer and vice chair position will be open for the 2011-2012 Season, which begins July 1, 2011. Contact the chair for more information and to express interest in leadership.

Here’s a list of the positions on our board, with areas of responsibility:

Officer positions are filled by election in June, by members of Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM, and they have responsibility to attend monthly board meetings and events. They may also initiate and run committees to accomplish tasks:

  • Chair — entire chapter business and activities, annual report, communication with other SIGGRAPH and ACM chapters, ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM, and other professional associations; contact “chair at cascade siggraph dot org”
  • Vice Chair — event planning, program committee, speakers, announcements, and assisting chair; contact “vice chair at cascade siggraph dot org”
  • Secretary — membership, all member programs and campaigns, associate membership program with SIGGRAPH, registration, records or event and membership data, meeting minutes, posting minutes to web site, assisting chair; contact “secretary at cascade siggraph dot org”
  • Treasurer — finance, banking, monies at registration, ticketing, accounts payable and receivable, assisting chair; contact “treasurer at cascade siggraph dot org”


Appointed positions are filled upon recommendation by the board, from chapter members and these board members do not have responsibility to attend all monthly board meetings and events — it is optional and encouraged. They may also contribute to chapter activities.

  • Director of Public Relations — writing press releases, reviewing publications such as announcements and newsletter articles and publishing to media, email lists and e-zines; collaboration with chair;
  • New Media Specialist — writing social media policy and content to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, exploring new technology, managing these membership and publishing through the web site; collaboration with chair;
  • Promotions Specialist — generally promoting the chapter through entrepreneurial activities; collaboration with chair;
  • Web Master — administering, maintaining and managing the web site and email lists; collaboration with chair;
  • Member at Large — general collaboration with board.
See the Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Bylaws for more information.

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