Minutes, January 14th 2012

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  • Demetra (DGA), Patrick (PC), Archie (FAB), Daniel (DS), Joe (J?), Courtney (C?), Serena (SR)

Not Attending

  • Greg Walters (GW)


  • Events
    • Global Game Jam: January 27-29, 2012
      • Cascade would like to have representatives there throughout to gain members and inform people of our services
      • Daniel Sabin, Patrick Coan will be participating in the Game Jam
      • Camera Serena
      • Find Name Badges (PC)
      • Bring laptop for signup (PC, DS, Etc.)
      • Announcement sent (1/10/2012)
      • send Will and Email asking various questions
        • How many signed up so far
        • Food requests
      • Interview at the Game Jam (FAB)
        • motivation
        • history, past game jam
        • full-time, part time
        • goals
        • insight on gaming
      • Schedule for SIGGRAPH representatives

Friday Saturday Sunday
Archie 6-10pm Demetra
Patrick, Daniel, Serena :5:30
Joe Johns, Courtney Kennedy
Patrick, Daniel
Joe Johns, Courtney Kennedy
Patrick, Daniel
Joe Johns, Courtney Kennedy

  • Upcoming Events
    • Global Game Jam Post Mortem (FEB)
    • Tron
    • MIke Smith
    • Sumidas (Stuart and Wife)
    • Flash PDX: The Future of Flash
    • DRM
    • Light Troupe V3
    • Grim, Susan Bailey
  • Media/Newsletter/Website
    • Archie’s Interviews
      • Part of the Newsletter
      • looking for email base beyond our members (announcements)
      • grab emails at events (FAB, PC, DGA)
      • resources database
        • Demetra had been contacted by an event management services company. They offered to supply a venue database that we could use in the future for contacts (DGA)
    • Jobs Newsletter
  • Members
    • Check for Kirshner, locate in the DB (PC)
    • Organizational Membership (DGA)
      • Consider re-packaging to entice buyers
      • needs a solid line-up of events to attract
    • SIGGRAPH Brochure (Courtney)
      • Courtney will draft and push through the review process
      • Courtney and Joe nominated as members at large, all agreed
      • Archie isn’t sure if he is a SIGGRAPH/ACM
    • Surveys
      • Patrick suggested crafting  a survey to learn more about our members
        • their needs
        • their interests
        • history
        • affiliations
  • Treasury
    • Daniel provided a report on the bank situation
      • Leaning toward Rivermark
        • Avoid annual non-profit fees
      • FirstTech plan B
      • Ideal candidate has online banking/app
      • Would like to have the process finalized within the week
    • Cube (for credit card swipes)

Action Items:
Name Badge for GameJam (PC)
New Bank (DS)
SIGGRAPH Brochure Drafted (Courtney)
Video/Camera (SR)
Full GameJam Representative Schedule (DGA)
Complete, compiled membership list (PC)
Locate Kirshner (PC)
All Posts Private (Vincent)


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