Minutes, April 30th 2012

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Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Daniel Sabin (DS), Archie Floyd Buchanan (AFB), Patrick Coan (PC)
  • Next board meeting Monday, May 14th
  • Outreach (April)
    • Extend through May
    • PC contacted Liquid, Looking to contact Bent
    • DGA will contact Laika, PCC through Greg, AI through Marylyn Zarnado
    • AJ knows Cinematics
    • Success based on Attendence
    • Power Point Presentation
      • Add Career Opportunities/ Board Positions
        • Format to be rewarding and enticing
        • Include tickets to SIGGRAPH in presentation
  • Elections Announcement- based off of elections portion of presentation (DGA)
    • Need to set a date
    • Members from similar Orgs may be interested
  • Video Games and Music
    • PSU presentation
    • Mike Burnett is the contact
    • Check for promotional position
      • Table, Fliers, Payment arrangements
    • Need a summary for the announcement, what is the program (New Music Program)
    • W5
  • LightTroupe Installation
    • Early June
    • Boom Bap
    • Set up webcam, game and drawing stations
  • SIGGRAPH Media Pass
    • Patrick by May 30th
  • Send announcement info to Archie to publish to our website
    • Include April, May and June Events

Banking Report

  • Signatures to the bank, file with the state for 501 c(3) status
  • Annual Report for the fiscal year needs to be provided


  • 4 separate databases need to be merged and updated
  • Craft a renewal letter
  • Patrick needs access to the ACM control panel to look up recent info
  • DS needs to balance the ledger and send to DGA so that she can submit the annual report

Board Business

  • Access to ACM to associate email addresses
  • DGA has systems entry info, needs to get to Patrick
    • system corrupt

Other Topics of Discussion

  • DC Universe Online- user generated animation
  • Wii Rhythm – movement based animation

Action Items

  • Music and Games: DGA and PC coordinate with Mike Burnett and finalize plan by Friday, May 11th
  • PC send event summary for Outreach, Games and Music and LightTroupe by Friday, May 11th
  • PC reserve Boom Bap space May 17th
  • DS send balanced ledger to DGA
  • DS and DGA submit annual report by May 30th
  • DGA provide PC with ACM credentials
  • PC and DGA land presentations with Laika, Bent, Liquid, AI, PSU, etc

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