Minutes, June 20th 2012

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Attending: Demetra Arnett (DA), Serena Reidy (SR), Daniel Sabin (DS), Patrick Coan (PC)


Finances and Annual Report Due Friday

  • Daniel needs Event Data
  • Daniel has Checking Account info
  • Needs P.O. Box Keys
  • DA and DS will address this


May 29 Event hosted about 13 attendees, incomplete sign in sheet

June 6th Event hosted about 75 attendees, no sign in sheet

Considering a thank you letter for participants and hosts

CAF: Greg Walters needs 3 choices for event date to help out

Consider a BYOA event

Consider a speaker agreement that binds speaker for events

Membership Fees

PC moved to cover DS membership, future board members will pay for their own ACM and SIGGRAPH membership, unless individual is unemployed. Serena seconds. Movement passes unanimously

Action Items:

PC to create compiled membership list from the old and new servers

PC to write instructions for new Secretary (Asha)

PC to clean up records and prepare for Asha

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