Board Meeting Minutes – December 2013

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12/10/2013 Cascade Siggraph Board Meeting Minutes In Attendance: Demetra Christina Demetra and Sven talked about having some joint ASIFA and SIGGRAPH events in Feb, March, April,

  • One is a BYOA (bring your own art) event with call for artist, contact Damien Lopez
  • One is Portlandia related motion graphics event
  • Showcasing Grimm, with someone talking about the process.

As secretary I can contact the SIGGRAPH main board and ask for website changes. Demetra got Christina a login for the WordPress site and paid fo the ACM membership. Calls to action: Christina

  • Christina needs to update the membership database
  • Christina needs to contact Damien about his process of organizing the event at the Analog
  • Christina needs to upload the minutes to the website
  • Christina needs to join the local chapter


  • Need to join ACM in january
  • Need to get together with Sven about events
  • Need to meet with all the people that want to be on the board
  • Wes Cropper wants to be the treasurer
  • Lauren wants to be the publications director
  • Monique wants to be a board member at large
  • AJ might want to be a member, but need to ask his wife id she’d be interested
  • Tuesday meeting at McCormick and Schmidts

Palio Cafe in SE Portland – for the next board meetings:

  • January, Tuesday the 14th 2014
  • February the 11th 2014
  • March the 11th 2014

This is a better location for more people, including Patrick who would really like to come. 

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