Board Meeting Minutes – February 2014

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SIGGRAPH Cascade Board Meeting – February 2014 Minutes   2/18/2014   In attendance:   -Demetra -Christina -Paul -Wes   Topics for discussion: – Social Media Policy / – Website updates / – Upcoming Events / – Treasury   Paul will be handling the issues we have with the website, he needs the information to access it however. Demetra will issue that to him. We need to change / move the background image so that it is more aesthetically appealing. Paul is happy to handle the aesthetic issues we have with it.   Social media policy needs to be discussed and then rolled out for twitter, facebook, etc to up our presence online.   What is needed on a social media policy?

  1. Relevance to chapter only
  2. No personal anything on posts / tweets
  3. No politics, no religion related posts on any social media platform
  4. Approval is needed for posts; we need to decide what posts need what over site or approval.

Facebook / Twitter feed to the side of the Chapter’s website + icons to link to the social media platforms themselves. Maybe sign up for an Instagram account? LinkedIn is important for professional development and so we need a presence on LinkedIn to make that happen.   Paul will create a photoshop mockup of the new website.   Use Demetera’s logo for the chapter and integrate it into branding for social media platforms.   Logo under the JOIN page on the website has the scheme we are going now. Demetra is going to fix the logo herself.   Christina will handle redoing the logo for the chapter to make it more appealing and bring drafts next month for the chapter’s officers to review and comment on.   Approvals for posts / tweets: How? When?   Twitter is used for what? Facebook is used for what? Comment policy on Facebook. Policy for connecting on Facebook and creating offshoot groups from the page itself.   We need to create a policy before we start implementing.   Christina with draft a policy and have officers review it next month as well.   Eventbrite is good. Perhaps hook that up through facebook as well to streamline everything and make it more efficient.   Multiple admins might be good for the social media.   Christina needs to delete the stupid posts about dating on the Facebook that someone else left there on accident.     – March 21st in a Friday – Auditorium at PCC Cascade – 6:00pm (officers need to be there at 5:30) Second Story event on Interactive Design. Or an event about Portlandia and motion graphics. Grimm production / cg transition lecture. Second Story is probably most likely to be the ones to present from what we know so far.   6:00 – 8:30pm ← event time     – May 15th – Northwest Animation Festival – Hollywood Theater Sven has reserved an auditorium for the Computer Animation Festival from ACM. We can market / advertise there a bit. Secretary will take care of membership for the chapter.   Demetra and Christina will set a time to get together and go over membership management for Christina to handle since she isn’t familiar with it.   Events for April and June are still needed.   The chapter has a PO Box that needs to be switched to Wilsonville area to receive money from new members.     Calls to Action for the next month from everyone——-   All

  • How much / what we want to do for the Vancouver conference for SIGGRAPH this year


  • E-mail logo to Christina
  • Meet with Wes in Wilsonville for eventbrite and banking / PO Box
  • Meet with Christina before / after next board meeting for membership login info
  • E-mail the contact of Jenny Dana to everyone
  • Start running elections for Officers this month


  • Draft social media policy
  • Talk to Jenny Dana about the membership program for ACM / SIGGRAPH


  • Needs password
  • Talk to Jenny Dana about the WordPress theme and start dialogue about changing the current theme for the website.


  • Needs password for treasury stuff in order to start up

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