Board Meeting Minutes – March 2014

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SIGGRAPH – Cascade Chapter – March 18th 2014   In Attendance: Demetra Wes Christina   Demetra is showing up at the event at 5:00pm, 5:30pm is when volunteers are showing up. So I will need to be there ASAP on Friday. Set up a table to keep track of everyone who is there with clipboards. Secretary is to do the sign in and taking information. Christina needs to member to bring in the membership sheets if she wants to to the event. Registration forms and membership forms are for Christina. Christina needs to do social media stuff every night this week to get the word out. Send information to Adi, Alison at Thetus and everyone at Convergence Training about the event Friday evening about the event and that everyone should come along. Secretary (me) needs to send out renewels to people who came to the event. Need to do data entry to the list. Talk to Demetra about how to do this.   Vice chair takes care of the food for the events, etc. Christina try bugging Patrick about the Animation Festival.   Christina needs to go to Facebook and create an ACM Siggraph business page on Facebook.   No reciprocal links, send out Facebook stuff, hook it to the SIGGRAPH website. New event leads from Demetra: Demetra knows someone who works for Disney. Guy at Laika who is an expert on 3d printing and wants to do an event about it.   Thinking about going to the SIGGRAPH get together in Vancouver Canada. Action Items: -Come to event on Friday (everyone) Christina

  • Social media outreach and e-mails to everyone about event on Friday.
  • Christina and Demetra will get into membership database and update it with everyone’s new membership information

Demetra / Wes

  • Go to the bank to deposit money and work out treasurer information

Board Meeting Dates for this coming quarter: Palio Coffeehouse

  • April 8th at 6:00pm
  • May 6th at 6:00pm
  • June 10th at 6:00pm

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