June 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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Cascade SIGGRAPH – 6/17/2014 – Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:

Meeting Agenda:
Website changes from Paul. Logo changes from Christina. Demetra wants to get into our Facebook page and get everything figured out. Demetra would like Paul to alter our website so that we have easy access to the Facebook and twitter pages. Elections, annual report. Ideas for the July event and social media discussion. Christina needs to advertise the next event on Facebook and Twitter.

Demetra and everyone is trying to figure out a time to meet in order to sign paperwork and run elections, etc. We figured out a time and place for the next week.

June 30th event – At PCC, start registration around 6:00pm. Is about GD Director about the sound mixing software using only a laptop. Setup is around 5:45pm. Talk at 6:30pm. Christina will try and to get there on time but she may not, depends on traffic.

SIGGRAPH Summer BBQ for the summer, think about partnering with ASIFA for this. Demetra is going to BAMF. Paul is going out of town in the last week of July. Saturday July 19th is a date that would work for everyone. Time will be from 12pm to 4pm. Willamette Park near downtown. If the park costs us $100 or less it won’t be worth it. Demetra is going to ask Kendall about his house as a place to go and have the event at as a plan B.

Demetra is putting in the codes to get everyone their passes for the SIGGRAPH 2014 conference.

Action Items:
Demetra: Need to go online and register a non-profit as a name with the state.
Christina: Advertise the stuff on social media
Wes: Need to bring papers for Christina to sign for registration with the state
Wes: File non-profit business name with the state
Christina: Help Demetra run the elections, send out the emails and then count and tally everything
Paul: Look into changing around the website stuff on our website! Websites!!

Everything needs to be done by the 27th of June in order to get everything ready for SIGGRAPH 2014’s Conference in Vancouver

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