May 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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Cascade SIGGRAPH – Board Meeting Minutes 5/6/2014

In Attendance:

Demetra needs to contact Jenny Dana about changing the website and giving us access to certain privileges. We are redoing the membership issues with ACM to and succeeding at adding all the officers as members of the branch into ACM’s website.

Talking about finding replacements or back up people for our positions as officers. We may have another chapter pass if everything gets resolved.

Treasurer’s Report:
Wes deposited money into our account. We are making a bit more money, which is good.

Demetra makes a motion that we register our chapter with the state of Oregon. Christina seconds it. We need a business license. Vote is unanimous.

Membership Report:
Christina doesn’t have anything this month for the membership report, but will try to cobble something together for next time.

SIGGRAPH has crazy parties!

May 12th event – Hollywood Theater
Demetra needs to edit down the videos the event next Monday from 4 hours to 1.5 hours. She is going to do that tonight.

Demetra is also trying to make a documentary about Yoga that sounds neat, but her time is taxed.

At the event we will have a table to answer questions, Demetra will put out posters. People will need to give a receipt, if they don’t have it they don’t get a reimbursement for what they paid.

Wes will stop by the bank to withdraw the money we need for the event to reimburse members for what they pay at the door. He will try and get around $150 bucks.

Post Mortum – April Event:
Paul – Let’s try to get the word our earlier for what we have for the coming events.
Demetra – Let’s count how many people come to the next event if we can

Action Items:

Send chapter guidelines to officers
Contact Zarina about issue with officer membership

Contact Cindy Ryan of ACM about the associate membership system if I have questions
Put together membership report for next month.

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