July 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

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Cascade SIGGRAPH – July 2014 Minutes

In Attendance:

Next event in August, conference. Wes needs e-vite info and the report for the mothership for the year. Paul doesn’t have anything and Christina doesn’t have anything. Paul plans to get onto doing stuff for the WordPress SIGGRAPH site. The chapters workshop at SIGGRAPH will be a great place to come with a list of problems.

If Christina has some time in a few weeks Paul wants to Skype about the SIGGRAPH website to think of ideas for the sites revamp.

Wes is busy all of October. Christina Demetra gone for conference in August. Paul is off the map after a few weeks. Wes is busy the first two weekends. Wes is doing Art Harvest in October and he will be demoing how to do art on your iPad or android tablet.

SIGGRAPH Conference:
Have to be there at 8am on Saturday morning at the convention center in BC.

Instead Madison and Christina will drive up to BC on Friday the 8th with Demetra and then back on the 14th.

Christina needs to do social media promotion for the main conference in 2014.

August event:
Guy wants to come through town through the larger SIGGRAGH to give a talk in town. His name is Jay Bills and he is the head of VFX PDX and wants to collaborate and SIGGRAPH can co-sponsor them. OMSI is also in on it, it is a Portland Pub Trivia thing, sounds really neat! We can slip in as co-sponsors and be present at the event. It is at the Crystal ballroom. We don’t have to do much of anything for it which is wonderful. Yay!

VFX PDX is well attended and a good place to possibly get more members involved with us. Would be on August 19th 2014 at the Crystal Ballroom. It is a Tuesday. Called Portland Pub Science and is for kids to us QR codes on there phones in order to play animation from live things. It is called Augmented Animation. Really neat! Paul will bring this up to Metal Toad to let them know about it. Christina might bring it up at work as well.

September Event Promotion: The Best of the Fest event promotion so we can be a co-sponsor on that from the NW Animation Festival. We might need one for September if we want, but we’ve already fulfilled the six events a year needed to fill the requirements by the big SIGGRAPH.

October Event:
October has the Computer Animation Festival for SIGGRAPH itself. Demetra needs to buy the content and get a lot of people to come see it. If we can do a drawing or promo stuff it might be a really good idea. Demetra will try and contact Wacom, or Paul will through his connections who work there to make it happen.

Action Items:
Paul needs to write down issues with site to bring to the conference, Paul will send something to the Cascade SIGGRAPH gmail account. We need it before the 8th of August
Christina needs to send out social media promotions before the conference
Demetra needs to send Christina the needed info for the social media promotion stuff
Wes / Demetra need to complete and send out the annual report by August 1st
Elections need to be completed this weekend by Demetra for August. Madison will be joining the board with us as well probably as the vice chair to help Christina transition out.

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