August 2014 Minutes

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH – August 2014 Minutes – 8/18/2014 Attendance:

  • Demetra
  • Madison
  • Christina
  • Paul

Talking Points: August Event Augmented Animation on August 19th, part of Portland Science Pub. See High-level strategic planning for all events for this season Aug 2014 to June 2015 Report on the SIGGRAPH2014; new docs available for review from PSCC (Professional and Student Chapters Committee) Our Social Media Treasurer’s report and annual report Events for September and October, including the Computer Animation Festival Elections and board development, capturing knowledge Scheduling the next quarter’s board meetings for everyone’s convenience. Christina will be resigning in November, and she will be finishing the knowledge base she started while at the conference last week. Event tomorrow will be easy, no attendance, collecting money or anything, just show up and network with other professionals. This time of year is best for planning events. Build a roster and create a take away from people that says everything we are doing this year. Sophya Vidal wants to collaborate with us by creating an Animation Jam in the Spring of 2015. Christina will introduce her to everyone tomorrow night at the event. Event tomorrow with be about the process of combining Cinema 4d and AfterEffects for motion graphics. Christina will be late. Madison has the day off and is willing to help setup and help out. Showing up at 5:00pm is best. Good idea to brainstorm with a bunch of different companies around Portland who are interested in doing events with us. Need to setup a time to do this. Is called a Planning Meeting. We should get NW Animation Festival, ASIFA, PIGSquad is a good idea. Maybe hold it at PCC? Planning meeting for September is good. Events to plan this season:

  • Computer Animation Festival (October 2014)
  • Animation Jam (Spring 2015)
  • Global Game Jam (January 2015)
  • Holiday Social (December 2014)
  • March or April Job Talk / Portfolio talk (Michael Janda? 2015)
  • Summer Social (July 2015)
  • Autodesk / 3dv event (November 2014)
  • NW Animation Festival (May 2015)

SIGGRAPH Report, saving until the end of the meeting today. Christina, Demetra and Madison need to meet to talk about social media responsibilities and brainstorming for how to tackle it this year. Paul needs to read all the PSCC documents about the website options. Madison wants to know about where to direct people. Send them to the Cascade website and they can sign up there. Try and get Sophya’s bio for the elections. Tuesday is best to keep the board meeting at. Meeting around 6pm still, the venue will need to change. Starbucks at cross of Barbur and Capitol Highway is where we will schedule board meetings for the next quarter. Madison has a bunch of people she needs to e-mail, and is having a problem with the ACM website and it’s weird information architecture. We will try and design the cascade website so it is better. WACOM won’t be able to come now, but we can fit them into a date in October for the Computer Animation Festival. Madison will e-mail them to let them know. We are all going to bring and wear our SIGGRAPH t-shirts tomorrow at the event! Action Items:

  • Christina needs to get a bio from Sophya
  • Madison contact Greg at PCC for dates about the CAF (computer animation festival)
  • Paul needs to read the PSCC documents if he has time

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