Minutes: February 25th, 2002

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Cascade SIGGRAPH Steering Committee Meeting
Feb 25, 2002

Summary by Herc Silverstein

Location: Bridgeport Brewing, Downtown Portland
Time: Noon-1:45pm

Erin Gault
Mark Noland
Connie Winn
Herc Silverstein
Marlynn Schottland
Michael Smith
Karen Habblitz
Andy Larkin
Nance Patternoster

– Which positions require ACM membership?
Secretary, Vice Chair, Chair
Treasurer is NOT required to have acm membership

– Vote and filled positions
Chair Michael Smith
Vice Chair Andy Larkin
Treasurer Erin Gault
Secretary Herc Silverstein
PR Marlynn Schotland

– Discussion of when to hold meetings – lunchtime vs evenings vs weekend.
Next meeting will be a lunch meeting at Rockbottom (Erin to arrange)

– Charter status
– We need to do a petition. We do this, get signatures and submit
to sigggraph
– bylaws
– have to choose a name. Proposed names were:
After brief discussion it was voted unanimously to
name our chapter ‘Cascade’.
– membership will be open to OR and WA
– need to finalize and ratify bylaws (more on this later in meeting)
– Length of positions
– initial positions will be valid through September. (unanimous yes)
– new elections to be held every year in September thereafter.
Election to be done by the September board meeting (unanimous yes)
– official positions
– chair, vice chair, treasurer, secretary, members at large
PR person is not included in default official positions. It
was moved to make PR an official position. It was then
unanimously approved.
– brief mention for terms for amending bylaws

– Mark mentioned calendering software. Wanted to know if everyone had
Outlook. Everyone does not, but probably everyone can get programs
that will read files in this format.

– whether to handle online voting as a general mechanism
for handling votes of committee meetings. Some felt pro’s would
be that others could participate. Some felt that not hearing all
of the discussion at the meeting could cause mis-informed votes
to be cast. this was put to a vote and it was unanimously decided
that all voting would be in-person at the meetings.

– ratification of bylaws
– discussion of by when and how to get bylaws modified and ratified
– plan is that people have until end of tomorrow (Tues) to
notify Michael of any changes they feel need to be made
– Michael will then make available the modified document, if any.
– if no modifications, then the document stands as is (vote taken
and unanimously agreed upon).
– If modified, people will have one week from the day Michael
makes modified document available to vote.

– dues
– possible things to use dues for:
– pizza
– events
– PO box
– domain name registration
– web servers ( donated – Cliff and Scott )
– where to get dues/money from
– national org? they will help setup non-profit (tax account, etc.)
don’t appear to give money outright, but unclear
– corporate or personal
– why would a person want to pay dues?
– feel good
– enables them to vote on local siggraph matters
– help fund events where we don’t get enough donated support
(space, food, etc.)
– It was unanimously voted to have dues as follows:
– if person wants to join only the local siggraph it is $15/year
for anyone
– if person is a member of the national acm/siggraph, then
they can join the local siggraph for $10/year.
– if a person is not a member of the national siggraph and
they want to join both the national and our local chapter,
then they can do so for the national fee + 10 (27+10=37 for
professional, 20+10=30 for student). They pay us directly
and we will handle registering them for national.
(Someone should check to make sure that
we can really do this – don’t think anyone was assigned
this though)

– website
– we believe that no advertising can appear on the website
– not clear whether simple links to corporate sponsors would be OK or not
– plan to post committee meeting summaries on the website.
Cliff and Scott’s “web” services were volunteered by Mark.

– pr releases
– Marlynn optimally would like to send these out 3 weeks before the
general meetings

– future general meetings
– mar
– alias. Brad Clarkston to present. Studio or maybe Maya.
– apple. still not committed.
– 6:30 – 9
– apr
– Hash
– Vinton. Herc had talked with Jeff White. Jeff also did a mass
email in company. No commits yet. Jeff said he’d be interested
but will be teaching on Weds. If meeting changed to Tues, he
might be able to do it.

Nance volunteered to take over trying to get someone from Vinton
to commit. Also said she would ask Will Vinton himself.
– will try to do this meeting on Tues, Apr 2
– presenter to present from 630-730pm

– beyond (future possible topics)
– need to pursue other topics other than 3D (I think
this really meant 3D animation, modeling)
– 2D (photoshop, image manipulation)
– scientific visualization
– etc.
– can be used for free
– books up quickly
– want to use it for a big-draw event
– sooner we know, the more likely it will be we can
book it
– might try to do apr or may meeting there

– surveys
– Brian Churchill suggested doing this
– would like to do for a number of future meetings to
get a better feel for how we can serve chapter members
– need to do at a number of meetings/locations otherwise
may get biased results

– location
– should this be moving from location to location?
– some felt it might be better in one location so people would
know where to go
– others felt that at this point it’s better if it moves
around in order to attract people that might not normally find
out about meetings or go to them.

– future committee meetings
– possibly try to plan in more detail rest of year

Mar 27
Rockbottom Cafe (2nd and Morrison downtown)

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