Minutes: August 1st, 2002

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Steering Committee Meeting

Summary by Herc Silverstein

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Location: Doubletree, Downtown Portland

Time: Aug 1, 2002



Erin Gault

Karen Habblitz

Andy Larkin

Marlynn Schottland

Herc Silverstein

Michael Smith


Jamie Elmer

Mark Noland

Nance Patternoster

Connie Winn

Susan Stutz

Scott Roberts


– Discuss follow-through

– Program Committe coordination

– This is planning for the chapter’s events

– Andy will be in charge of all of these

– People will report to Andy

– Andy will report, as necessary, to the chair

– email lists

– it was agreed that separate lists for each

comittee would be good and should be setup

– this will minimize emails to those on the steering


– notice

– Marlynn reminded us all that at least 3 weeks notice

is needed

– Events and general meetings

– Some confusion as to what these terms meant. We seem to have

agreed on the following.

– General meetings are the ones we have been doing.

This includes the Will Vinton event even though it

was a big drawer. Size doesn’t determine whether it

is an event or a meeting.

– Events are specially coordinated/arranged above and beyond

the normal meetings. May involve extra fees.

– Question of what to charge for regular events. We said

it’d be free if you were a member of the Cascade Chapter.

Otherwise, there will be an entrance fee.

– Governing SIGGRAPH recommends about 4 gen meetings/year

when starting out

– Governing SIGGRAPH will give us $200, plus we can get loans

of $1000 at a time which have to be paid back w/in 4 months

– Showing of reels at general meetings

– Wish we could get more students to show

– Seemed to be feeling that students needed more motiviation

and that the current setup isn’t attractive enough. Also,

having work in front of the whole group may be too

intimidating for students.

– Will try to make this more attractive by making the viewings

more private and getting more one-on-one feedback to the students

– Workshops

– This was mentioned as something that could be considered.

– The Board

– We know for sure that treasurer and PR positions (Erin

and Marlynn) will be leaving and not running for re-election

– Elections

– All positions will be up for election

– Bios should include description of who they are,

education, professional info, why they think they’d

be the best candidate and/or what they would bring

to the position/organization

– Schedule:

– Aug 4: send out request for candidates and bios

ask candidates to mail back to


– Aug 21: Post and/or email out the bios

to all members

– Aug 28 (midnight PDT): all votes must be returned

via email

– Dues

– We have now voted on this twice. It was suggested

that we yet again change what we want to charge

– typical dues are:

– $25 for regular non-ACM

– $15 for member or student

– corporate: $50 first person, $10 each person thereafter

– coroporate sponsor: $250

– no decision seems to have been reached on this
Membership packets

– work on the form can be done

– some info like address is needed, but this shouldn’t hold

up the work

– Need a letter signed by chair. Michael doesn’t need to write it

necessarily. Not clear who was going to write this, but

Michael seemed to implicitly agree to this.

– website needs to be updated. Michael said that currently the website

says that to become a member you just fill in the email box

ETheater Event

– Herc to talk with Mark Noland. Hopefully, Mark can help us out

with the Hollywood Theater arrangements.

– Herc to be lead on planning of this event

– legalities. Seems like we are ok. Other chapters have done this.

– need to make sure we get enough money to cover costs. Might

cost 500-600 to put on this event.

– reel is on a DVD so we will have to make sure that we can

have this shown reasonably in the theater

– Michael to work on getting $200 from SIGGRAPH to help with this


– This will be the first event we have where we will charge dues

We are not to use “sponsor”. These companies/people should be

referred to as “donors”.


Wasn’t specified.

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