Minutes: October 9th, 2008

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Cascade SIGGRAPH Event Planning Meeting

2008-2009 Program

Oct 09, 2008

Minutes by Karla Dominguez

Please send all corrections to Karla D.


Kathleen O`Reilly, Cascade SIGGRAPH Program Chair

Demetra Gilmore Arnett, Cascade SIGGRAPH Chair

Karla Dominguez, Cascade SIGGRAPH Secretary

Leo Frishberg, CHIFOO Chair

Becky Washington, Career Services, PCC (venue)

Brian Larson, ASIFA Chair

Not Attending

Beth Dillon, NW Games
Carrie Gilbert, CHIFOO Program Chair
Collin Ivers, UO (venue)
Jeanne ??, IxDA Chair
Irene Kotlavz, Platform Festival


Kathleen proposed to get all organizations together for a social event early December.

“Portland: Arty & Smarty Party”

6 events for 2009, work together, collaborate with other organizations, and raise consciousness in a city that has arts and smarts

We are not a 501-C3

Cascade SIGGRAPH is a Nonprofit, local chapter, we have elections, post minutes, solicit $ in sponsorship because we’re non-profit.

Ideas for events; educational, making lives more interesting, making PDX a place people want to see, employers need to perceive the value regarding inexpensive , professional development

SIGGRAPH’s 2008-2009 Program

Nov-Animation Theater

Dec-ACM Social

Jan-Drinking and Drawing (Rebe kah to produce & partner with ASIFA)…can we change the name? The name leverages off of Platform and web site

Feb-John Smith (C.O.P.) ASIFA, CS, CHIFOO


April- *see ideas below*

May- *see ideas below*

June-Platform (ASIFA, SIGGRAPH)

Ideas for events:

  • Remote Medicine,
  • In Focus (3D) projection systems, and the Museum for 3D –
  • Intel- Larrabee
  • “How to do storyboards in Photoshop”
  • “How to visualize ideas (storyboards) in Photoshop”
  • Google Chrome, Comics-Scott McCloud
  • “How to get a job in CG” (entertainment, medical, games) Way Finding…
  • “Comp Jobs in Portland” Local Professionals/Regional
  • Ideas for a different kind of How to get a job in CG Event

Becky —are there any other kinds of certificates that will help you find a job in CG – entertainment –film festivals

ASIFA event-can a festival entry launch you a career?

Leo—remote medicine talk

Brian—repurposing a game engine by using , animation to recreate accidents

Leo—the use of animation can improve efficiency (integrated animation)

Kathleen—Demo reels, how to get an idea to a portfolio, then keep on going & go to festivals

Brian—How a programmer and an animator can get together and collaborate, how do you collaborate?

Kathleen—Communities of Practice (social networking) how do they work, where do we find them, how do we join?

Leo—mini conference, John Smith event, workshop, panel, roundtable, mini presentations, the outcome/end?

Kathleen—presentation of CoP speakers what did we learn in our , process of discovery?

CHIFOO’s 2008/2009 Program – Collaboration at Work

  • ideation to inspiration – new web site launched on 10/10/08 e
  • dimension theme
  • 10 designers
  • innovation games

2009 Collaboration at Work: IxDA, Cascade SIGGRAPH, CHIFOO, Oregon Film, ASIFA


  • Allan Cooper
  • Joshua Porter
  • Bill Davidson
  • Elizabeth Churchill
  • Ben Shine
  • Sarah Blye
  • Barbara Holmes
  • Ward Cummington
  • John Smith (LearningAlliances.com)
  • Brian want to join “unification”
  • Kathleen-links on websites that connects all chapters on websites

Richard Williams Event

  • 3 tables: ASIFA, CS, LAIKA
  • Volunteers needed to guide & show people where to go (what table)
  • Sell ASIFA t-shirts
  • Tickets/stamps at door
  • People can get a book signed early, before event, since doors close at 9pm
  • Signed book giveaway

Action Items

Kathleen will:

  • Contact Irene, ACM for funds

Demetra will:

  • Bring Celtic stamps
  • Contact IxDA Jeanne

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