Minutes: October 27, 2008

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Cascade SIGGRAPH Event Planning Meeting

Conference Call

Oct 27, 2008

Minutes by Karla Dominguez

Please send all corrections to Karla D.


Kathleen O`Reilly, Cascade SIGGRAPH Program Chair

Demetra Gilmore Arnett, Cascade SIGGRAPH Chair

Andrew Dennis, Cascade SIGGRAPH Treasurer (AD)

Karla Dominguez, Cascade SIGGRAPH Secretary

Agenda Items are:

  • report on LAIKA sponsorship
  • report on ASIFA co-sponsorship at R. Williams
  • organize our operations for R. Williams
  • organize our operations for R. Williams
  • Acting secretary until 12/31/08– Karla
  • Process change — approving and posting minutes to the web site, this year.
  • Report on website review and progress.
  • Annual report completion and set up for next year.
  • Report on 2008-2009 season program meeting.


Richard Williams Event

Table arrangement by the front door: ASIFA, Cascade and Laika

People can be greeted and processed quickly.

Give hand stamps, raffle tickets for a book to everyone.

Karla will check in Laika people and Cascade Sig membership people

Andrew will sit in the paying public table and anyone that want to sign up for membership

Richard will sign books in the beginning. People need to come in early to sign in, get book signed, get seat.

ASIFA seats will be reserved … registered by 6:15pm. Rope the last 3 rows.

Slide show before event.

People sign in on clipboards while waiting. Plenty of clipboards and pens! 10-20??

Make it someone’s job to make sure people are signing in.

Usher to move people to center of rows

Total volunteers:

Patrick Coan could lead volunteers with the clipboards (4)

(3) Ushers.

Michael will help Karla at table.

Volunteer coordinator at 5:30, this time

Eddie’s Pizza Place. 15% discount. Pizza arrives at 5:45

Announcements should be brief…next 2 events, book giveaway…PowerPoint presentation

Event announcement for even will be going out later today, by Kathleen.

Karla checks the first ticket giving away and keeps track of how many giving away.

Book will be given away at the end

Action Items:

KO will

-bring T-shirts, book, pens

-get attendance sheets (ASIFA, Laika)

-make PowerPoint presentation

-get the Pizza, sodas

DGA will:

-pick Karla up from work at 5pm

-do the Slide show and announcement for computer animation festival

-bring stamps/inc pads (3 of each)

-bring clip boards

AD will:

-check with Brian for the ASIFA list

KD will:

-bring raffle tickets, membership list, and sticky name tags

Social Event, Dec

Pool table, place to drink

Kathleen’s will plan more

Drinking and Drawing

Kathleen will ask Rebekah of place and date, possibly January, toward end of month.

Demetra says Lauren says to ask Scott about Laika sponsorship

Karla as the Secretary

Andrew suggests sending out an email about Karla’s secretary position


Board members can go in and go in and edit the code

Kathleen will talk to Patrick about website

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