Minutes: August 26th, 2010

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Board Meeting August 26th, 2010

Attending: Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Serena Reidy(SR) Bev Standish (BS) Derek Osborne (DO) Patrick Coan (PC)


  • Secretary Report
  • Treasures Report
  • Promo for SIGGRAPH BC
  • Schweage from SIGGRApH 2010
  • Associate Membership
  • New Website
  • New Webmaster
  • Events planning meeting


  • When do we meet for event planning
  • What events do we already have in mind
  • What does our new website entail
  • What is our focus this year


  • New webmaster and jobs
    • Vince Damewood
      • Will put up minutes, events, articles for SIGGRAPH
      • Will switch website over to ACM SIGGRAPH site
      • Pc will help with web transfer
      • BS and DGA will arrange a phone conference with ACM SIGGRAPH to fine out what headings are needed
  • Treasures Report
    • Not available
  • SIGGRAPH 2011… Get your passports ready since it is in Vancouver BC
  • DGA broiught us SCHWAG from SIGGRAPH 2010
    • T-Shirts and hats were passed out to all present at the meeting
    • Thanks DGA!
  • All chapters must comply with the Associate membership requirements by Fall
  • Age limit discussion
    • PC Suggested that we might want to drop the age limit. BS aggreed
  • Secratary Report
    • Spreadsheet on the membership listings is up to date
    • We need to have a member at large who is willing to take over recruiting
    • We need a banner that says Cascade SIGGRAPH
  • Events Planning
    • BS will visit Natural Point and see if they are interested in doing an event on motion capture. If they are BS will produce the event
    • Events can go in the web page rather than Event Brite
    • The Compute Animation Festival Event is ready to roll
    • 3DV, the sole distributor of Autodesk in the region is also interested in being an event
      • The presenters would be Kurt and Mark Macy
    • We could possibly co-sponsor and event with Women in Animation or the anime festival
    • Other suggested presenters were
      • Jenny Orr from the Willamette University
      • Dan from PSU
      • Speaker from AI
      • Speaker from Animation Mentor
    • We need to invite people outside of members and the board to the planning meeting
      • Examples would be Greg Walters… our event site manager and PCC coordinator
      • Mike Smith, Chair of ASIFA
      • Leo, Chari of CHIFOO
    • Events planning meeting
      • We have an event planning meeting tentatively scheduled on September 23rd at 6:30pm at the Art Institute if A.J. can get us a room with the white board
    • We have a board meeting scheduled for Friday September 17th at 12:00om at Tara Thai 1310 Northwest 23rd AvenuePortland, OR 97210-2602
    • Focus of the year theme is Workflow Production and having events that correlate chronologically.


  • BS Contact Natural Point
  • DGA and BS will arrange a phone conference with ACM SIGGRAPH

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