Minutes: September 17th, 2010

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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH Board Meeting Minutes 9-17-2010

Attending: Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Bev Standish (BS) Patrick Coan (PC)


  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Phone Conferences
  • Event Planning Meeting


  • When do we meet for event planning since Art Institute isn’t available
  • What events do we already have in mind
  • What is our focus this year
  • What kind of phone conferences do we need to meet our goals


  • Upcomming phone conferences
    • BS and DGA will arrange a phone conference with ACM SIGGRAPH
    • PC and DGA will arrange a phone conference with ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Treasurers Report
    • Not Available
  • Would it help to Twitter about upcoming events? Should we have a leader? This could be a PR thing….help people know that we are active and thinking about what services we can provide
  • Brief age limit discussion
    • PC suggested again suggested that we might want to drop the limit. BS agreed
  • Security Report
    • BS has backed up all the ACM membership and minutes information
  • Event Suggestions
    • DGA and PC might be interested in visiting Natural Point and see if they are interested in doing an event on motion capture. If they are BS will produce this event
    • 3DV, the sole distributer of Autodesk
    • Organic Motion
    • Nvidia
    • Career Paths in CG
  • Event Planning Meeting
    • Can’t be at Art Institute. BS suggested that we could use her work place at Desinnova
    • We should have enough lead time so the earliest date for this meeting should be Thursday
    • October 14th. The 30th was also suggested
    • PC and DGA scheduled a conference call for the website on Tuesday 9-21


  • BS will contact Natural Point
  • BS will talk with Desinnova about using their conference room for the event planning meeting
  • BS will call Jerrol to see how he is doing
  • DGA will arrange aphone conference with ACM SIGGRAPH

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