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Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH MEETING Minutes 11-19-2010

  1. Conference Call: phone number 805 860 1000 837712


Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Patrick Coan (PC), Vincent Damewood (VC) Herc Silverstein

(HS)Bev Standish (BS)

Not attending

Jerrol Eschleman (JE) Derek Osborne (DO) Members at large Alfred DeFlaminis (AJ) Serena Reidy (SR) Greg Walters (GW) Lizzy Bennett (LB)


  • CAF event on Nov. 29 (Demetra and Derek)
  • Organizational membership
  • Call for copyrighters
  • web migration (Vincent, Herc)
  • new media (Patrick)
  • associate membership (Bev, Serena)
  • events (Derek)
    • Dec social event
    • season programming
  • volunteer coordinator — for event ?
  • raffle for event / promotions — ?
  • brainstorm: need venue / losing PCC for 1 year
  • finance (Jerrol)
    • balance
    • reimbursements for required officer ACM memberships this year
    • eventbrite online purchases
    • paypay account for associate membership
  • Vancouver 2011


  • Organizational membership DGA write out an invitation to join at $333.00 per year allows the first 30 registered members to come to events for free.
  • There will be 2 other levels to be determined
  • This will also go to Laika
  • Promotion of coming event ASIFA ,CHIFOO, PAGDIG, AI, PNCA and all Universities Women In Animation
  • Call for copyrighters assist in writing copy.
  • New associate membership and benefits PC will write.
  • Membership pricing fees effective Date 1/1. To encourage joining and renewing before end of year PC
  • Website migration (DGA)
  • Our new media communication (PC)
  • Programming for 2010 and 2011 season assigned to (DO)
  • Vancouver 2011 unnassigned writer TBD
  • Search for new venues writer TBD


New Venue

How we got the venue we have now. A volunteers for programming committee contacted the multimedia dept at PCC. Directly trying to get a space wasn’t working but having an inside sponsor worked. They were getting to say look cool events here students. It benefitted the community. We need a committee to find a venue.

CAF event on November 29th

Pies will be offered PC and SR and Herc will work registration

DGA will be volunteer coordinator

Website migration

Vincent added PC and DGA as administration to edit content on the new website at wp.cascade.siggraph.org and Herc is going to review. We wont sht down the old site until after CAF and when announcements on the join page is functional

Associate membership

Have to do it manually to get word out about renewals before animation festival


Missing report

Dec social event DO needs to write announcement find venue send out copy for review

and put into slide show

Seasoned Programming

Venue needs to be found for January and speaker, announcements and organization

Volunteer coordinator DGA

Raffle for event promotion. Need to have somebody in charge of initiative for every event

Chifoo has relationship with O’Reilly

Good publisher would help.

PC volunteered 2 or 3 books to raffle off

contact LB to see if she would spearhead relationship with publishers

Finance (Jerrol)

  • Need this report

Vancouver 2011

    • Reach out to discover about scholarships that are available. Press pass and Chapters pass
    • need to pursue promo ideas with Vancouver Chapter with ACM as well


  • DGA moves to buy a media backup drive that can be put in a safe location BS seconds the motion


  • New Social Media Patrick and DGA are going to meet to add facebook and twitter to the Eventbrite.
  • DGA will write up membership benefits for new kinds of membership we will be having
  • DGA will make pre-event slide show
  • DGA will add twitter with Patrick
  • DGA will contact Derek for contact email address for Laika for organizational membership
  • DGA will write the membership polocy
  • DGA will contact Marilyn Zornado
  • VD will continue moving content to new website
  • DO and JE will submit reports via email
  • Herc will contact his contact at PCC
  • Bev will contact her contact at PCC and Living Room Theater

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