Minutes: February 27th, 2011

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Cascade SIGGRAPH Feb. Board Mtg.

Minutes 2-27-2011

  • Attending: Demetra Gilmore Arnett (DGA), Bev Standish (BS), Serena Reidy (SR), Patrick Coan (PC)
  • Not Attending: AJ DeFlaminis (AJD); Herc Silverstein (HS); Greg Walters (GW), Jerrol Eschelman (JE), Derek Osborne (DO). AJ Deflaminis(AD) can not do Sundays, can do Mondays,


  • Events Report/ Ideas in Process
    • Jan Foreverscape — Vance, Demetra
    • Feb Autodesk — 3dv, Autodesk, Bev — Kurt Macey doesn’t know when they’re
    • March James vs. Reality — Patrick: use Living Room Theaters March 26 Sat, March 25, Fri, March 23 Wed. Check PCC else LRT
    • March Modeling experts — Stuart or Susan Sumida, Demetra, Bev, Laika
    • April Flash Gaming — Thomas, Vance, Demetra, Craig
    • May The Art of Tron — AJ, Disney, Demetra, Bev; elections, AJ did get a hold of Disney.
    • June NW Gaming — Beth Dillon, Bev,
    • July SIGGRAPH 2011 practice speakers Demetra, Bev.
    • August SIGGRAPH 2011 Conference, season program meeting
    • September Computer Animation Festival
  • Financial Report –Jerol, annual report numbers
  • Membership Report – DGA,PC,BS
  • Other ideas?



  • AJ can do Mondays
  • Jerrol can meet on Fridays
  • Demetra W/F/Sa


  • Art Department
  • Victory Outreach Church
  • Living Room Theater: Tony is a contact and has provided pricing for events; An event on Saturday, ending before 2 is $230


  • (DGA) is holding the migrating due to a the mailing list switch, after the mailing list switch occurs, the site should be close to ready to go
  • (PC) requested access to the template, waiting for reply

James VS Reality

  • (PC) Needs to write a press release for the James V Reality, get specifics on the event, who is presenting, what is going to be presented, Bio’s on the speakers, date and venue, refreshment preference

Promotion and Event Identity

  • We need a banner/sign
  • New Business Cards
  • Pamphlet

Event Post-Mortem

  • It was proposed and voted that each event should be proceeded with an Event Post-Mortem to review the event and reflect on best practices/tragedies/etc.

Action Items

  • (BS) Contact PCC for James event (done)
  • (PC) Press release for the James event, draft run to Demetra, final sent to Lizzie with Liason, verify venue details and date (sent to DGA)
  • (PC) Contact Beth Leeman for the NWG conference (contacted, she is no longer with NWG)
  • (DGA) Website migration (e-mail list)
  • (DGA) Negotiate travel details with the Sumidas(pending)
  • (BS,AF) Verify Tron event prior to James event (Mar26th)
  • Venue Spreadsheet: review the Venue page @ http://wp.siggraph.org/cascade/venues/

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