June 8 Event: Networking

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Join Us Meeting


Come to an Elections and Networking Informational Meeting to find out more about being on the board, 
     Friday, June 8,
     PNCA Commons Area
     6:00 pm
     511 NW Broadway,
     Portland, OR  97209.

Our local SIGGRAPH chapter is looking for people that would like to be officers or board members-at-large: We most importantly need a Chair and a Treasurer. There are other openings too. Ideally you would have a little experience but if not, this is a good place to get it and the current chair will stay on as a board member-at-large to train and help officers.

Are you a digital artist, game design/developer, modeler, animator, video or film person, web design/developer, drafter, illustrator, motion graphics specialist or any type of artist that uses computer graphics? Are you looking to grow in your field? Joining our board provides a great opportunity for professional development, a way to network, create events, meet people in your field and gain leadership experience.

We meet once per month for a couple hours and work to provide excellent events and chapter membership in Portland Oregon and surrounding areas. Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH is a chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH and serves the computer graphics community by working to promote all aspects and applications of computer graphics.

If you are interested, please contact the current chair, Demetra Auel by calling or texting 5033671522. I would be more than happy to talk to you about joining our board and what it entails. See http://cascade.siggraph.org Or, better yet, come to the meeting to find out about it. 
Leadership Requirements
To be a board member, you need to be able to commit to

  • being on the board for 1 year, July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019

  • representing the good of the chapter, sometimes above your own personal good (no conflict of interest), with integrity.

  • officers need to a member of both ACM and SIGGRAPH. Contact the chair to find out more.

  • all board members (non-officers) need to be chapter members. The chair can make the membership complimentary for your volunteer service.

  • attend regular, monthly board meetings and vote on items

  • attend chapter events to lend a hand.

  • perform the duties of each position:

    • Chair — oversee the entire board and keep chapter running smoothly

    • Vice Chair — create and produce events (4-12 per year)

    • Secretary — maintain membership records, mailchimp, social media, minutes (archive on website), bylaws

    • Treasurer — maintain bank records, do the annual report each year, end of May

    • Web Master — create and maintain web site and widgets

    • Social Media Expert — post and maintain social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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